Economic recession- How to cope?

Everyone is discussing the global economic crisis. The credit crunch and the financial meltdown are the words so commonly used in all discussions.
Due to the economic meltdown many people have lost their jobs. People have forgotten to smile. Something seems amiss. Most of them seem to be walking without a purpose.

Some time back these people had a smile on their face and a confidence in their gait. The spirit is low and the sadness is heart wrenching. Some react angrily to the slightest problem. Half the crowd is dissatisfied and disappointed. There are too many questions and hardly any answers.

Many people have taken personal loans, car loans etc. If they lose their jobs how do they repay the loans? There is so much tension and a fear of the unknown. What will happen next? This is the question foremost in everyone’s mind.

We humans are very tough and could deal with any situation in life. We face the death of close ones and after a while get back to living our life. Though the grief remains we understand that life has to go on. If we can face such major tragedies and still live on, how can a financial crisis bog us down?

Though times are bad, I would say it is a temporary phase. There are good times and bad times. None are everlasting. It will end soon. A positive spirit and inclination to fight and succeed in the worst times would help in facing such situations. After all it is temporary is what we need to remember.

Good times are not far behind and a small wait would end all our woes. An era of jobs, success, and money are all waiting around the corner. It is just a matter of time…….


2 thoughts on “Economic recession- How to cope?

  1. Its a pity when you see such faces. Lost is their enthusiasm towards life. Why does happiness have to revolve around money and how much one possesses it?

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