Spare a thought……

Destiny rules our life. Not often though we get a chance to take a U-turn in the episode of life. A road leads us ahead to our destination. Always another road which runs parallel to our destiny can be seen alongside. Sometimes after going far ahead in life we wish we could just turn around and go back the path and relive certain incidents.

If only it could be so easy. The past is something we cannot change or alter. We can make our lives happier by accepting the different situations and taking things in our stride.

Some people are lucky to get another chance in life. They get an opportunity to alter their decisions and make new ones which could eventually turn out for the better. But for some it is like they are on the wrong side of the road. They feel trapped and look all along for the U-turn which could lead them back so they could start again.

We all live our lives in a particular pattern and are lost in the routine till some gory incident jolts us. Each person has a busy life and there is no time left for viewing outside to see and understand the pain and fear experienced by others. We just move through the various alleys and turns in our life. Every turn in our life need not be a good one and then instead of accepting, most times we fret and fume.

All I say is let us live life to the hilt and evolve into better human beings. Let us sit for a while and think of the other not so fortunate people around and try to help in whatever way possible. To spare a thought and a sentiment would be the least we could do.

Suksu says in his comment, “I wish mankind will learn to eliminate hatred from one’s mind and spread love and happiness”. The war and terror attacks are some incidents which we would all love to reverse.

Let us all try to put in a moment of our time each day to think of what we want in life and whether we are on the right road towards it. Do we need the U-turn to go back and start again?

While we sit and analyze our past, present and our future, let us spare a thought for the entire mankind and take at least one positive step towards bringing peace and sharing sorrows. Let us accept the ups and downs and move ahead with a spring in our step as we move towards contributing to mankind……….


2 thoughts on “Spare a thought……

  1. Numerous times i have felt the same, that i should have followed another path, taken a U-turn so that my destiny would have changed. We sometimes choose a particular path and sometimes destiny makes the choice for us. Moving ahead we always see that parallel road running alongside our destiny which seems to be less bumpy than the one you are currently on. Thats bcoz you have not travelled on the other one. You look at the parallel road only when your journey is tough and see the smooth patch in the road beside you.
    I feel these roads are like the branches of a tree which sprouts from the same stem. Some grow bigger, some grow stronger but they all have fruits on them.We always try to pluck the fruits closer to us but that does not mean the one’s higher aren’t sweet. These fruits are like the opportunities in our life, whichever you chose it has got its own sweetness.

    • hi suksu,

      If we are always wanting more from life, we would end up dissatisfied. It does not mean that we must not have ambitions or dreams. Just that we must learn to be happy with what we have at the same time aiming for “that little more”. I wish you all the very best in all your endeavours in life….

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