Life is very short……

The past is like a mirror always reflecting our deeds good or bad. This present moment is important as soon it will become the past. And as we cannot glance into our future, it is the present that we need to hold on to preciously, to live as we want to. Even as we step ahead into the future, the present stays with us while the past just fades.

Dwelling in the past would mar our present and eventually our future too. Keeping the past active would in no way help us though we could surely make changes in our present by learning from our mistakes in the past.

The past is like a lesson for us to not repeat our mistakes. Good recollections from the past would evoke positive thoughts in the present and make it worth living. But we need to move on and not dwell much in our past.

Reminiscences from the past must not block us from moving ahead and progressing in life. I have seen that sometimes the memories from the past holds us back from stepping towards success. It invokes in us a fear of failure and we lose confidence in self required to accomplish something.

Finally, I agree with the comments from Ajit and Sreenath that ‘it is life that matters’ and that ‘life is very short’. So, again I would say that it is better to make the most of the present so that there are no regrets from the past in the future…..


One thought on “Life is very short……

  1. You have mentioned the two perspectives of life very beautifully in your blog. This is something the youngsters should try to understand. You have written “This present moment is important as soon it will become the past.” & “So, again I would say that it is better to make the most of the present so that there are no regrets from the past in the future…..”

    It’s true that each moment is comprised of past, present and future. Sometimes its inseparable and you have to live life by every moment as you would dip a piece of bread in hot milk and let it melt in your mouth. On many other occasions you have to break up each moment of you life into bigger chunks of past, present and future to analyze it so that you can learn from your past, improve your present and prepare for the future. Its important you don’t forget your past as rightly said by Naina in her blog bcoz it be it good or bad it helps you to learn from your mistakes and be strong. Future is uncertain to all of us and life is short as well. Sometimes we have to face the future with the same anxiety and nervousness a child feels when he leaves his parents to go to a new school to make new friends and sometimes we have to be prepared and take calculated risk treating as you would prepare for your next business meeting.

    We should enjoy life and in our case we are never satisfied. When we look back at the happy times in our past it may be an adventurous trip with your friends or a lonely time sipping a hot cup of tea on a house boat which comes to our mind. These small things remain memorable in our life yet we feel we should do something ‘X’tra so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. Yes, we need to do things which make us happy, we need to explore life but the young generation gets carried away by this idea of enjoying life to the maximum. I think this is what induces the youth to take drugs, alcohol and other harmful stuff. It becomes our responsibility to help the youth say no to drugs.

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