Climates of life….

As I speak of climate and nature the fact that just like nature, humans too have their various climates dawns on me. We have our own winters, summers, spring and rain. Like the shades of nature, we have our sentiments and emotions which reflect in our actions.

Life is so unpredictable. One moment we are alive and the next we are gone. Life is short however long we live. It is important to live our life the way we want to and not waste a single moment in feeling resentment or digging the past.

It is the present which is important and worth living, as soon, it would become the past and just a bygone time. The future is a secret not known to anyone and only the present is ours right in front of us to live the way we choose.

People come together in a tragedy and try to cope with the situation. It is the sad demise of a close family member which awakens us to the reality that life is not as long as we expect and that we need to live and enjoy whatever time we are blessed with. Very soon we move on ahead and tuck away our loss as a thing of the past and look ahead towards the future. Forgetting our losses and our sorrows and moving ahead is what each one of us must do.

We humans have the capacity to bounce back even after the worst of tragedies. I have seen people come out with more strength and will to survive after bearing the loss of a close one. It is important though that we must live in the best possible manner and try to be happy in the present and not go back in the past or sulk unnecessarily for small and meaningless reasons.

Life with all its various climates is worth living and with a little added effort we could make it meaningful……


5 thoughts on “Climates of life….

  1. Its very much true that human emotions are like the four seasons of nature except that in case of humans the seasons are random. Just like the fury of the nature which devastates everything in its way our uncontrolled emotions can also destroy life of other living beings.
    My prayers go out to the families of the 26/11 attacks and wish mankind will learn to eliminate hatred from one’s mind and spread love and happiness.

  2. u r absolutely right . there is direct relation between climate and life. In Mumbai where i stay the climate was initially fixed, like summer, rains, winter. But now the climate is changing just like life keeps on changing. In Nov there shd be winter but sometimes it rains .In Dec there shd be winter but one day it is cool the next day it is hot like summer. The climate in Mumbai has gone haywire. Just like life it has become very uncertain. You just don’t know whether the next day itwill be cold, hot or maybe light showers. We have to adjust our moods according to the climate. In winter when it is very hot we tend to become angry and irritated due to the climate. But changes in climate is not in our hands but changes to be made in our life is in our hands. So just as we have started accepting the uncertain climate positively, so shld we accept the uncertainities in life positively and live happily.

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