Nature in abundance…..

Kerala (India) is truly God’s Own Country. There is greenery all around and the beauty of nature never fails to enthrall me.

Any person who has visited Kerala and its striking tourist spots would have definitely fallen in love with the place and wished for another opportunity to come again to soak in its expansive splendor.

Whether it is the tea gardens in Munnar or the waterfalls, the rivers or the temples, everything is beautiful.

There are special Ayurveda massages and treatments available at most resorts all around Kerala. Their approach is holistic and will leave you rejuvenated. The food is delicious and fish lovers can feast on a variety of fish preparations. There are houseboats on rent where you can relax and stay for a while. All facilities are available inside the boat including food and beverages.

The temples are beautiful and evoke a feeling of devotion in us.

The climate is humid in most areas throughout the year. There are some areas in Wayanad though where it gets very cold in the winter months. You will encounter heavy rains between June to October. It is finally the greenery that remains embedded in your mind when you leave.

Every morning when you open your eyes all you see are green trees and plants. A visit to Kerala will leave you complacent and relaxed. There could be no better way to soothe your nerves. “Nature in abundance” is how I would describe Kerala.


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