Winter v/s Rain

The chill is here to stay! This morning the air was cool accompanied by light breeze. The people on their morning walk were enjoying the weather. The green grass was shimmering in the light of the sun.

Normally I would avoid the sun and look for shade. But today it was different. I looked for spots where the sun was casting light. I stood in the sunlight basking in its warmth. It was a beautiful and perfect day to spend on the beach. The UAE has vast clean beaches and a day on the beach would be the ideal way to enjoy this climate.

There are places where most of the year it snows or rains and people living in such countries wait for the sun to shine and feel the heat of summer.

Summer and winter are both fun. It is the rain which I find pretty depressing. I am sure many of you will not agree with this view of mine and am sure to find some very hot arguments soon. I know that rains evoke romance yet I cannot come to love it. Most of my friends and close relatives love the rain and have never understood my dislike for it.

Probably I require a lot of convincing on this one. I am very happy here in the desert where it rains rarely. If I would be staying in a country where it rains often you would see me by the window singing “Rain Rain Go Away……………..


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