Cyclone skips Mumbai

Speaking of rains, Mumbai (India) had a major escape recently from a fierce cyclone. The city though experienced a good spate of rains in November which is rare.

Mumbai was my home for more than 25 years and though the city has now changed a lot, the energy still remains the same. The local trains and buses are always overcrowded and in that aspect nothing has changed.

There are some things about Mumbai which are simply simple. Take for example the food courts at malls. Even as they flourish with excellent profits and good business, the roadside stalls which offer tasty delicacies are not too far behind. In fact I would say, the stalls offer super tasting dishes as compared to the posh restaurants. The fact that hygiene might just not be the priority of such food stalls is something I would rather not mention. The taste beats it all!!

Mumbai is a city which does not sleep at all. The spirit of Mumbai is infectious and any person going there would catch the fever and would find it difficult to get a cure for this as it catches you unawares and takes you by surprise. So with all the ups and down, the spirit of Mumbai remains as lively as ever…

A foodstall at Mumbai

Variety is the spice of life....


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