Winter in Dubai

Hi everybody out there. I am Naina Nair as the blog name says and I have lots to say and share.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and I would say one of the most happening places in the world. While the general idea is that the climate in Dubai would be hot all through the year, I would like to clear this misconception.

This beautiful desert country will leave you cold and shivering too!! This cool spell lasts for four months from November to February. The climate now is cool and the desert heat is making way for the chill in the air.

I just love the winter here in Dubai where I stay and wait for the summer heat to just evaporate.

Today as I stepped out early in the morning, I felt the cool breeze stinging my cheeks and wished I hadn’t forgotten to take my coat. Many people hate winters and love the rain.

I am not so much in love with the rains which I feel are ever so unpredictable. But then it is just a matter of choice. So here I am all chilled and geared up (with sweaters and jackets) to welcome the winter in Dubai.

So you people out there can find me here on my blog sharing my musings……


3 thoughts on “Winter in Dubai

  1. hi Naina,good to know that the winter has set in in dubai.Really curious that it can be chilly in Dubai.always thought that it would be hot all the year around.

  2. Hi Naina ! I have heard about recession hitting Dubai badly. Is this true? Has it impacted the common people that bad? What are your thoughts on this?

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