Thank you Oh divine

“Thank you Oh divine for all that you have given me

Thank you for this day, for this beautiful life ”

A small prayer of gratitude for the very reason that we are alive will bring immense grace in our life. Yet, it should be done with deep feeling and not mechanically.

What could be more precious than this life? There are innumerable possibilities with this heart beating in us!

Are we aware of the heart beating? Are we aware of our pulse and the entire beauty of the inner system of our body.

What about the sun that rises without fail, the moon that is cyclic, the stars that shine every night and the clouds that keep moving in the sky!

The clouds darkening and then heavy rains…how is this all happening? Forget how, are we aware, are we noticing all this?

Observe a plant, a bud and then how the flower blossoms. Its a process…do we have the time or awareness to sit and observe this?

Is life not just passing by? Are we not too caught up in our routine and think that we do not have another option?

Time to take a small pause. Sit back and wonder…why was I born into this body? what am I here for? what is this world and what’s my role. Is there a purpose or am I supposed to just live and die?

Why is it so important to be obsessed about all the works that we do and how much money we earn and what and all we gather? What about wisdom? What about liberation and self-realisation. Is it not on the agenda at all?

Or are we to wait till all these works are done ( which usually never happens)! Isn’t life about living and living totally!

Enjoying the sunrise, being part of it. Watching the sun set, the moon rise, the stars shine…the waves dashing and lashing as the sea changes tide…and so many more.

Living with nature and being part of it is not applicable until one retires? But by then our eyes will be old and we may no be able to sit long enough to enjoy the beauty of nature.

life is passing by…we are moving nowhere with our set routines. Time to contemplate and understand that life is for living.

Laugh, enjoy, be in bliss…be happy come what may. Anyway whatever comes will pass, good or bad!

in this joy and laughter, life is lived totally. Make time and be with nature. Look out of the window and see the greenery, give an ear to the sounds of the birds, communicate with the birds and animals. Be in tune with entire nature and feel life passing through every cell in the body.

Set aside the innumerable thoughts that keep dominating and absorb the beauty around. look, its bound to be there. Mother nature cant be hidden away.

As the clock ticks by, think of all the lovely things left undone. Start doing them instantly. do not procrastinate anymore. Its never too late. breathe in and feel the fullness of life.

Thank you Oh divine…for this life…



When Oh When?



In my previous post I mentioned about the ever so smiling cab driver and how a diamond is hidden in the guise of a cab driver. How many more such diamonds are scattered all over?

This question kept on popping in my mind at intervals. surely there were many more. If it was all a play of the divine then why had the divine hidden these precious stones in different places. Why were they not seen to their full potential?

The world is a stage and the drama of life is going on with all different actors. All actors are supposed to know they are acting and backstage they are back to being themselves. Ins’t that how it is supposed to work? Is it how its working? All are caught up in their roles and have forgotten to shed the make-up. The director is saying ‘cut’ and its going unheard…

The true scholars and brilliant individuals are hidden away in this drama. They are happy and stay away from the limelight. What is the need of the hour? Is it not time for these hidden talents to surface and take control of the play and the stage?

Or will it go on the way it is now? Is this the reason why this is called Kalyuga? Are people supposed to become blind to truth and reality and get caught up in the false glaze and shine?

What about these diamonds then? Is their life just going to pass without they being of service to these blind people? When they are the ones to show the light to the ones in darkness, why are they hidden?

Oh divine! Is it not time? Is it not necessary to wake up the ones who are asleep? To bring light in the life of the blind and to bring knowledge to the ignorant.

The artificial lights, sound, and glamour is destroying the existing human life and soon all will be taking birth as some lower species.

Will most of the human race be destroyed? The reason why we evolved into humans was to understand the self and continue with raising our consciousness levels…

When will the diamonds sparkle enough for all to see? When will the light shine so bright that even the blind can see? when will the knowledge be so clear and direct that even the ignorant can perceive…

When…oh when?

A ride to remember

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Mumbai never fails to intrigue me. Always some incident leaves a lasting impression. This one was totally unexpected. With the rains playing truant, drizzling at intervals, the traffic situation was superb!

I had gone with my mom and kids to the infinity mall in Malad and on our return we booked an ola cab. The cab arrived a good 25 minutes late. The cab was a sad looking black and yellow old style taxi now converted for ola rides. Well we didn’t have a choice as already there were many like us booking ola on the ola app.

So well we got in and the driver started explaining how he was caught just around the corner near the mall and that traffic is really bad with vehicles barely moving inch by inch.

We kept quiet nodding and listening to him. He started talking about the political situation in our country and how he had worked with RSS for a couple of years. He was well versed with the names of all political parties and their leaders.

He soon changed the topic to his family and how his son scored really well and about his daughter doing her LLB in Gorakhpur, north India from where he hails.

He said he is himself a post graduate and his subjects were history, Hindi and Sanskrit. His father was a Principal in a school and his entire family was learned.


As the cab inched through the traffic on the Link Road, he recited a long verse in Sanskrit. This was out of the blue and he recited it really well. I asked him to explain the meaning of the verse and here goes what he explained:

The sun takes tax from all water  bodies based on their capacity. like from a river it takes more, from a pond it takes less and so on. But when it shines, it shines equally on all. So that is how a King should be towards his countrymen. He explained how sambhaav  was important. He continued with saying that caste is not decided by birth but by behavior and conduct.

Sadly we were nearing our home and the ride which I had thought would be tiresome after a good many hours spent walking in the mall, turned out to be full of wisdom.

For a moment we wished that our home was a little further away so that we could listen to talks of wisdom.

He did say in the end that all works are equal and no work is big and small. he said he is driving a cab so that he can earn well to support his family and educate his kids well. His intention was so clear.

He said that if everyone wants to be a lawyer or a doctor who was going to clean the roads, who was going to drive cabs and autos?

A very valid presentation it was. We all were pleased to have met such a humble human being and were truly grateful to have him drive us home.

These are the diamonds in Mumbai and all over India in fact. Hidden away…as no one cares to see and recognize.

The entire population is so busy in earning money, making ends meet and socializing that no one has the time or patience to  see such sparkling gems. Eyes are hazy with drunkenness of social stature, society, competition, politics, poverty and so on.

Not that the cab driver is interested in being known. He is clear about his purpose of supporting his family. he too is outwardly stuck in the rut and yet inside he is aloof and unaffected.

He is not in the darkness of ignorance. He is very much in light though he is surrounded outwardly by darkness. He stays unaffected and was smiling his way through the mad rush. In fact an auto driver did knock on his window at a signal and started an argument about how the cab had driven through a puddle ( which we have many all through the roads in Mumbai) and splashed some water on his passenger. the reply this guy gave was a nice apology with humor wherein he said he can barely see the car in front of him, where-from would he see the potholes and puddles!

An epitome of humor, patience, humility, knowledge and much more was this driver. We thanked him as we got off and thanked the divine. The ride was one of the best ones as with the car windows closed, the ac running and the Sanskrit verses…the entire honking, rush and frustration which was surrounding the cab was washed away.

I am sure we will never ever meet the driver again, but in one meeting he did show how the light within stays unaffected even if one is surrounded in complete darkness!

God bless him and his family!!




Smile your way through life

Life is like a song and a dance. A person who hardly smiles, has no joy and is always sad will move away from divinity.

If one is generally happy and joyous, spreading the joy and laughter around, surely the person is closer to the divinity.

People who smile less and are too serious about life are not much in tune with divinity and need to loosen up a bit. They take everything too seriously and have no clue how to sing and dance through life.

Life is about being alive and knowing it. Life is about love and care. It is about service/sewa unconditionally.



If we can sing and dance joyfully serving others with a smile on our faces, we need not bother about either liberation or self realisation.

Liberation or Moksha as it so highly looked upon as a big target or something to achieve is nothing but liberation from our sorrows.

Now a person who is happy will not seek liberation as he is already liberated from his sorrows.

It is people who keep swinging up and down joy and sorrow or are always sad who will wish to be liberated.

Letting go of the body or as we term death is not being liberated. The mind still continues seeking another body to fulfill its desires.

So instead of doing yoga/sadhana etc to seek liberation, it is best to live like a yogi/sadhak. Such a person will never feel the need for liberation as he just knows that there is nothing to be liberated from. He is already free!
One who smiles, laughs, serves others, is a walking example of a loving caring human being who is close to the divine.

The more we smile, more we make others smile and that’s the best sewa one can do for the world.

Problems and situations will come and stand in front of us. What can we do? Smile, as only then the divinity is closer to us and solutions will happen eventually.

So now as you read this please smile…life is just about this much. Everything else that we are so serious about is really not worth it. Smile and spread the smile…


Spread the joy

A small three letter word! But power packed isn’t it?

Joy unlike sorrow generally seems to be short lived. If we see the words, joy is a small word and sorrow is a 6 letter word!

So sorrow lasts double of joy? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Joy is our very nature, while sorrow is just a variation in the mind. We feel it is sorrow and always it is short lived though it just seems like it continued for a long time.

Our basic nature is joy and it will never take any effort on our part to be in a state of joy. Unlike sorrow that is not our true nature and so will take a lot of effort to retain.

Why do we mask our joy with sorrow? It is unnecessary. We know by now that everything is changing around us and within us. Every moment change is happening and it is constant. so what’s the worry? When this very body does not last forever and ever then anything associated with it cannot last too!


While joy is within and happens to be our basic nature, sorrow is like an illusion. It is not a part of us and we try to make it a part of us. Sorrow is always because we think everything is permanent. The life we are now living, with a particular identity is not permanent, so how then is it possible that anything linked to this particular identity could be permanent?

When the realization that everything is temporary including this form and name, registers within us, joy simply flows. Sorrow then, has no place! it never was…it was just a passing phase where everything did not seem to be working as per our wish.

Attachments bring expectations and that in turn brings sorrow. Accept instead of expect would be ideal and would never allow sorrow to come near us.


All we need to do is explore within us, feel gratitude and receive the grace to feel love, joy and peace flowing through us. As it flows through us it will spread around us and every person who meets us will feel a positive vibe…

Life is full…full of love…joy…peace and so much more. If we look beyond our day to day small issues, we will see how much sorrow is simply spreading around us. It is like a virus. Best ignored!

Spread the love, its there in abundance within us. Spread the joy…that too is flowing…



A sole word “thanks” and an emotion of gratitude would eventually bring us grace! What exactly is grace?

Grace is something that we receive extra…Just like grace marks to pass in School exams 🙂

How it works?

Well, when we feel immense gratitude and thankful to someone we express it and this leaves us feeling satisfied and complete. Gratitude brings grace. The divine decides to allow something extra because of our thankful nature. So we get  a little more than what we worked for!

How difficult is it to feel gratitude? I have seen its not easy. The words “Thank you, Thanks” etc flow easily. But the required emotion of gratitude is generally missing.

Let us feel gratitude and the word “thanks” will come naturally…

Gratitude for what? Most of the times we feel we deserve all that we receive or that we worked for it and if we received something in return, whats the big deal!

We fail to see that many a times we receive much more than what we should have. This grace goes unnoticed by us.

We all need grace and for that we just simply need to feel thankful. For what?

For every single thing we have…For this very human life, for all that we have received until now and for hundreds of things that really mattered. Always the hand of the divine has been on our head. Always and always we have been saved by grace and yet we fail to see it, and if we see it, we do not bow down in prayer.

Why does this happen? because we are too busy complaining about the little things we did not receive…We are too focused on what we need, what we didn’t receive and so on.

We miss grace in this kind of attitude. Just simply let us fold our hands and pray. let us feel gratitude for everything, for this very day, for this very morning that we woke up.

Life is so full of adventure. We never know what’s next. Let us  live this adventure with fun, frolic, love, peace and joy! Let us spread the love and joy. Every moment let us work towards this goal. Spreading love and joy should become a natural phenomena.

Let us not get caught up in worldly issues. They will come and go…Change is constant…what was yesterday is not today.



The past incidents will prove like a reference guide for us. We have come a long way and there is yet a long way to go…

Grace is always flowing…Gratitude opens the path of grace for us and we receive in abundance…

Time to feel gratitude! Thank you Lord for everything…every single thing….

A lone tear


A lone tear drop sat on her cheek
Again it was me who made her cry
Her eyes glistened with tears unshed
How oft did I do this to her I feared

My possessiveness had become a bane
I felt my eyes pricking with tears of shame
Her angelic face now devoid of color
My heart broke as I saw her lips quiver

If love could bring so much sorrow
Tears of grief like a painful arrow
She sniffed and turned her face away
Was life truly just a drama, a play?

My love for her was unfathomable
Life without her would be miserable
Just like the pearl hidden in the ocean
I hid the depth of my love and emotion

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As she turned to walk away from me
I held her hand wanting her to stay with me
There was no life without her by my side
I looked up into her eyes… her tears dried

Tears now flowing from my eyes
I looked deeply into her eyes
How could she live without me?
How could I live without her?

She touched my cheek with her palm
Feather like touch I felt so calm
The pearl in the ocean had surfaced
Depth of love had resurfaced

Hand in hand we walked along
My lips now humming a love song
Her heart was beating along with mine
Two hearts, one love, was just divine